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What a difference just a few years makes….

The tale began nearly 40 years ago. But we pick up the storyline just a few years ago in 2008. The Valley’s oldest and most storied youth hockey organization, DYHA, was skating on thin ice and on the brink of disaster. The non-profit was broke, its board of directors was in disarray, and the organization was about to lose the rink it had operated since 1974.

Back in the beginning it was known as Desert Hockey Association. As with any seasoned organization, it was no stranger to the ups and downs of success, waxing and waning of membership, challenges and triumphs of the leadership. Every year, in the nearly 40 year old history of what is now known as Desert Youth Hockey Association, a new chapter in the legacy book is written.

One of the more recent chapters speaks volumes to the DYHA legacy and might be titled “Where Champions Skate…

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2015/2016 Teams

DYHA is excited to announce the teams for the 2015/2016 season.


Junior Sun Devils40years-sm

  • U10: Jarred Smith
  • U10: Sehring
  • U8: Wong & Curry
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